Tag: Fighter


  • Rufus

    Rufus is a homosexual fighter who is helping construct a small castle with his life partner [[:burne]]. He also helped overthrow the old temple many years ago. He is not interested in foolish adventures, being more interested in ensuring that the local …

  • Mad Zert

    Originally infiltrated the party posing as a caravan guard, he seems to be able to hold his liquor quite well.

  • Boris

    Halfling fighter party recruited in Hommlet to help clear out the Moathouse. Acquited himself reasonably well in the first encounter with Lareth right up until he died. Current Status: deceased

  • Thomas Maplewood

    Thomas joined the party in Pembrose to help investigate the temple of elemental evil. Over time he would become a valued ally in the group, helping them many times to overcome difficult odds in countless battles. He lived with the rest of the group at …

  • Joan

    Usually has an immaculate/pristine personal appearance with sandy brown hair, and hazel eyes. She is very cautious around strangers and naturally suspicious, bordering on neurotic. Lives a spartan lifestyle. Is neighbors to the party in the Gnarley Woods.

  • Etheridge

    p. Etheridge, born on the 23rd Day of Reaping, joined the party when working for a mercenary guild operating under orders of the Fighter's Guild of Greyhawk. The group had just lost their fighter's to battle and other circumstances. Etheridge gladly …