Seeker of Justice and Truth Throughout the Land


Level: Protector (3rd) Race: Human Class: Paladin Alignment: LG Age: 20 Height: 6’7" Weight: 235lbs. Deity: Heironeous


Strength 18 39%| Hit Adjustment: +1 Damage Adjustment: +3 Weight Adjustment: +1000 Open Doors: 1-3 Bend Bars: 20%
Intelligence 12| Additional Languages: 3 Know Spells: 45% Minimum Spells: 5 Maximum Spells: 7
Wisdom 14| Mind Save: n/a Spell Failure: 0% Bonus Spells: Two First Level
Dexterity 11| Surprise Adjustment: 0 Missile Adjustment: 0 Defense Adjustment: 0
Constitution 16| Hit Point Adjustment: +2 System Shock: 95% Resurrection Survival: 96%
Charisma 17| Maximum Henchmen: 10 Loyalty Base: 30% Reaction Adjustment: 30%

Saving Throws:

  • Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic: 13
  • Petrification, Polymorph: 14
  • Rod, Staff, or Wand: 15
  • Breath Weapon: 16
  • Spells: 16


Hit Points: 29
Armor Class: 0 Armor worn: +2 Plate Mail, Shield.
Movement Base Rate: 9"
Vision: Normal
Class Specifications:


  1. Bastard Sword THAC0: 18
  2. Long Sword THAC0: 18
  3. Battle Axe THAC0: 18


Item Weight
Backpack 20
Large Sack 20
Tinder Box 2
Iron Spike 120
Small Hammer 10
Waterskin 50
Iron Rations 75
Plate Mail +2 40
Shield 100
Bastard Sword +2 50
Dagger 10
Rope 50’ Hempen 75
Longsword 60
Battle Axe 75
Mysterious Gem
Ring of Shielding
Total 637



Platinum: 68
Gold: 160


Platinum: 5
Gold: 9
Silver: 2
Copper: 2


1. Detect evil at up to 60’ distance, as often as desired, but only when the Paladin is concentrating on determining the presence of evil and seeking to detect it in the right general direction.

2. Make all saving throws at +2 on the dice.

3. Immunity to all forms of disease.

4. The ability to Lay on Hands, either on others, or on his or her own person, to cure wounds; this heals 2 hit points of damage per level of experience the paladin has attained, but laying on hands can be performed but once per day.

5. The ability to cure disease of any sort; this can be done once per week for each five levels of experience the Paladin has attained, i.e. Gallant through Warder one disease per week, at levels Guardian through Paladin (10th level) two diseases, and Paladin (11th level) through Paladin (16th level) three diseases, etc.

6. The continuing emanation of of protection from evil in a 1" radius round the Paladin.


7. As a Protector, the paladin gains the power to affect undead and devils and demons as if he or she were a 1 st level cleric, and this power goes upwards with each level of experience the paladin gains; so at 4th level the effect is that of a 2nd level cleric, at 5th it is that of a 3rd level cleric, etc.

8. As a Defender – or at any time thereafter – the paladin may call for his warhorse; this creature is an intelligent heavy warhorse, with 5 +5 hit dice (5d8 plus 5 hit points), AC 5, and the speed of a medium warhorse (18"); it will magically appear, but only one such animal is available every ten years, so that if the first is lost the paladin must wait until the end of the period for another.

9. If a Paladin has a “Holy Sword” (a special Magic Sword which your referee is aware of and will explain to you if the need arises), he or she projects a circle of power 1" in diameter when the Holy Sword is unsheathed and held; and this power dispels magic at the level of magic use equal to the experience level of the paladin.

10. At named level; Paladin, (through 20th level) of experience, paladins gain the ability to employ cleric spells (q.v.). They may never use scrolls of spells, however, except those normally usable by fighters.

The following strictures apply to paladins:

1. They may never retain more than ten magic items; these may never exceed:

armor, 1 (suit)
shield, 1
weapons, 4
any other magic items, 4

2. They will never retain wealth, keeping only sufficient treasures to support themselves in a modest manner, pay henchmen, men-at-arms, and servitors, and to construct or maintain a small castle. Excess is given away, as is the tithe (see 3. below).

3. An immediate tithe (10%) of all income – be it treasure, wages, or whatever – must be given to whatever charitable religious institution (not a clerical player character) of lawful good alignment the paladin selects.

4. Paladins will have henchmen of lawful good alignment and none other; they will associate only with characters and creatures of good alignment; paladins can join a company of
adventurers which contains non-evil neutrals only on a single expedition basis, and only if some end which will further the cause of lawful good is purposed.

5. If possible, paladins will take service or form an alliance with lawful good characters, whether players or not, who are clerics or fighters (of noble status).

Paladins do not attract a body of men-at-arms to service as do regular fighters.

Turning Undead

Skeleton 10
Zombie 13
Ghoul 16
Shadow 19
Wight 20




The Creed of the Shield:The world is a dangerous place that poses a never-ending series of challenges to those who fight for justice and protection of the weak and innocent. One must act honorably at all times, and uphold the virtues of justice and chivalry in word and deed. Danger must be faced with certainty and calm, and glory is the reward for defeating evil, while virtue is the reward for upholding the tenets of Heironeous.

He stands vigil and calm, with a very relaxed demeanor, proud of his title and his honour that he has sworn to uphold. To do so is a tedious journey, one that many before him have made. Seeking no personal gain and only to protect the meek and punish their oppressors with swift justice.

Winton, but a Paladin of Heironeous, began this adventure as a Protector charged with escorting Griffith, an allied Cleric of Pelor, to investigate a missing party. This missing party they are in charge of finding had a fellow cleric, originally from the same temple as Griffith in their ranks. Winton is a fiercely loyal person, and would prefer his companions safety over his own. He will always rise to a challenge and face whomever is standing between his party and their goals.

As a quest mentioned by his Liege to a group of his subjects; turned personal, Winton is in search of Prince Thrommel IV Grand Marshall of Furyondy, Provost of Veluna, one of the heroes of The Battle of Emridy Meadows, who has been missing for the passed three years. It has been suspected that he was taken from his bed, as a plan of revenge, for his part in The Battle of Emridy Meadows and ultimately, the siege of the original Temple of Elemental Evil.

Upon reaching Verbobanc Winton along with his new companion Griffith meet with Dirk; a warrior, and Mathias; one of the two survivors of the original party they were sent to find.

In a valiant attack on a group of marauding Ankheg in the Once Lost Temple of Pelor, Winton lost his life. One well placed mandible severed Winton’s top half from his legs, making binding or survival impossible.

Current Status: Deceased.


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