Elmo is a man-at-arms who lives with his elderly parents, not far from Jarrod’s house. Elmo’s speech is slow and halting, and he often appears tipsy and jovial. When he’s not working in the fields, he’s always to be found drinking at the Inn Of The Welcome Wench. He appears to be very fond of his brew. He has a brother, Otis, who he thinks highly of. However Otis went off adventuring some time ago.

Elmo wishes to join the expedition to gain wealth, no doubt so that he can work less, and drink more. He asks an equal share of any loot obtained, and to be furnished with chain armor and a big axe.

Thus far during fights whenever Elmo swings his axe a distinctive whistling can be heard.

Current Status: Resurrected ; Although killed in the pursuit of wiping out evil in the Village of Hommlet, full details of which can be read in the Chaos at the Inn… journal entry, the party has since lived up to their promise to his brother Otis and restored Elmo back life.


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