Harbinger of Fiery Doom


AC 0 MV 12 level (Druid 4) Magic User 9 – Sorcerer HP 44 Align CN
S 12 I 19 W 15 D 16 C 12 Ch 14[*acid scars]

Magic User Spells (* typically memorized)
1st. Level (4/day) 8/day w/ ring
Affect Normal Fires, Burning Hands*, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages*, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Enlarge, Jump, Magic Missile*, Message, Prot. vs Evil, Shield, Push, Sleep, Jump, Identitfy*, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism, Read/ Write Magic
2nd Level (3/day)
Continual Light, Darkness 15’, Detect Invisibility, Detect Evil, ESP, Fool’s Gold, Forget, Knock*, Levitate, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Stinking Cloud*, Wizard Lock, Web*
3rd Level (3/day) + additional from pearl
Clairaudience, Dispel Magic*, Flame Arrow, Fireball*, Fly, Hold Person*, Invisibility 10’, Lightning Bolt, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Prot. vs Evil 10’, Water Breathing
4th Level (2/day)
Dimension Door, Extension 1, Fear, Fire Trap, Fire Shield*, Minor Globe of Invulnerability*, Monster Summoning 2, Wall of Fire, Wizard Eye
5th Level (1/day)
Contact Other Plane, Wall of Force*

Druid Spells (typically memorized)
1st. Level (6/day)
Speak w/ Animals, Animal Friendship, Faerie Fire, Detect Magic x3
2nd Level (3/day)
CLW x3
3rd Level (2/day)
Neutralize Poison, Hold Animal

Stinking Cloud

Magic Items

  • Bracers AC 4
  • Dagger + 1
  • Pearl of Power – 3rd level
  • Staff + 2
  • (Lesser) Tentacle Rod (Equivalent of a +3 item when determining if hit by magic items only)
  • Rune carved Green Hematite Ring (Ring of Lesser Tentacle Rod Command) now on chain on wrist
  • Ring Fire Resistance
  • Ring of Wizardry – 1st level spells
  • Ring of Protection – now on chain on wrist
  • Wand of Illumination – 95 charges
  • Wand of Magic Missiles – 85 charges
  • Wand of Lightning – 75 charges

A young mageling down on his luck. Originally hooked up with the party in Hommlet. Had some mild success and was able to advance a few levels while adventuring with them. After the party was captured in the Temple of Elemental Evil he (along with the thief) chose to align himself with the Temple in order to save his life. He is currently back with the party after having escaped (after a fashion). Since his return he has been a lot more selfish as far as goals and taking risks on behalf of other party members. It is apparent the time in the temple has changed him.
He has apprenticed himself to Crus, a wizard living in a tower outside of Twain whose area of expertise is the Underdark.
His most recent side adventures with the Bard and Ranger have left him with an ugly acid scar on his face. The reult of an encounter with a young Black Dragon in the Mist Marsh. Has been on very friendly terms with Wonillon since the advenures in the Mist Marsh.
Increased his spell repertoire dramatically when he acquired Falrinth’s Spellbooks.


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