Greyhawk as I remember it!

It seems everyone is getting back into old school gaming these days. I’m a gamer from way back in the days of yore when people sat around in a circle staring at this new fangled thing called fire. Well, maybe not quite that far back, but I did grow up playing AD&D. So, this will be a campaign that will be a Core Rules (PH DMG MM) by the book 1st edition game, For those interested I have set up a blog here.

Campaign on hiatus

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(The artwork found throughout this campaign’s site is not my own, and is copied from various sources. This site is for personal use, and not for profit. If given a “cease and desist” letter from the artists or copyright holders or wherever I happened to have pilfered these from, I will certainly remove the offending artwork. As it is, I think it helps capture the feeling of the campaign, as well as makes the pages much more pleasing to look at. Hopefully, they will have better things to do than try and sue me for the $15 I have in my bank account.)

Greyhawk - Back to the Beginning

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