Current Tasks

What you need and want to know

Current Tasks

    Listed in no particular order of importance (they’re all important!)

  • Investigate the Temple of Elemental Evil and eradicate their influence in the area

Completed Tasks

    Listed in chronological order.

  • Clear out the Moathouse in Hommlet.
  • Restore the Keep of Adlerweg to Lord Kyle.
  • Clear the cairn south of Pembrose.
  • Restore and re-sanctify the lost Temple of Pelor.
  • Eliminate the troll threatening the Bourne Farm.
  • Return the elven statue to the elves of Gnarley Forest.
  • Clear out the graveyard (and evil temple located therein) in Bostwick.
  • Return the lost Font of Pelor to Serena in the Free City of Greyhawk.
  • Side trek to return the lost tomes of Klinchak. (the ‘Stone Key’)

Tasks that can no longer be Completed or were Declined

Current Tasks

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