Tag: NPC


  • Elmo

    Elmo is a man-at-arms who lives with his elderly parents, not far from Jarrod's house. Elmo's speech is slow and halting, and he often appears tipsy and jovial. When he's not working in the fields, he's always to be found drinking at the Inn Of The …

  • Mad Zert

    Originally infiltrated the party posing as a caravan guard, he seems to be able to hold his liquor quite well.

  • Melf

    Melf grew up in the [[Free City of Greyhawk | Free City of Greyhawk]], his parents being absent for his early years, he got recruited at an early age to join the ranks of the local thieves. Having succeeded in his studies and surviving his rigorous …

  • Otis

    The smith is a very powerful man, with a bushy beard and large hands forever working some piece of iron. He is assisted by a dull-witted stable 'boy' and a rat-faced young apprentice. Though the smith's main skill is shoeing horses and similar work, he …

  • Branton

    A young mageling down on his luck. Originally hooked up with the party in Hommlet. Had some mild success and was able to advance a few levels while adventuring with them. After the party was captured in the Temple of Elemental Evil he (along with the [[: …

  • Joan

    Usually has an immaculate/pristine personal appearance with sandy brown hair, and hazel eyes. She is very cautious around strangers and naturally suspicious, bordering on neurotic. Lives a spartan lifestyle. Is neighbors to the party in the Gnarley Woods.