Tag: MU


  • Burne

    Burne is a homosexual magic-user who helped overthrow the old temple many years ago. He is held in very high regard by the local community, and together with his life partner [[:rufus]] is helping construct a small castle on the eastern part of town. …

  • Spugnoir

    Usually wears nondescript militia garb to avoid attracting attention or being identified as a magic user. He typically carries a dagger and a dozen darts. Spells: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Sleep Current Status: deceased

  • Melf

    Melf grew up in the [[Free City of Greyhawk | Free City of Greyhawk]], his parents being absent for his early years, he got recruited at an early age to join the ranks of the local thieves. Having succeeded in his studies and surviving his rigorous …

  • Branton

    A young mageling down on his luck. Originally hooked up with the party in Hommlet. Had some mild success and was able to advance a few levels while adventuring with them. After the party was captured in the Temple of Elemental Evil he (along with the [[: …