Smith / Ex-mercenary


Smith: Otis, a man-at-arms ex-mercenary, AC 7 (no armor) or better; AL NG; XP 5000
S 18/70 I 15 W 15 D 17 Co 18 Ch 13
Carried: dagger (and hammer in smithy),
purse with 1 cp, 4 sp, 7 ep, 2 gp. Languages: Common, Alignment, Elvish, Gnomish, Ogrish, Sprite.
Spells (druidical)—detect magic, speak with animals, affect normal fires.


The smith is a very powerful man, with a bushy beard and large hands forever working some piece of iron. He is assisted by a dull-witted stable ‘boy’ and a rat-faced young apprentice. Though the smith’s main skill is shoeing horses and similar work, he can mend armor and do minor weapons work, and so is kept quite busy. He is usually seen drinking quietly (though he brawls on occasion) at the Waterside Tavern.

The smith is secretly a ranger knight, an agent of the King of Furyondy, a Knight Bachelor of Veluna, and formerly a watcher of activity in Hommlet. Otis claims to be an ex-mercenary. As we well remember Otis is Elmo’s brother


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